Found co-creator shares his checklist for startup marketing

If there’s one thing Andrew Joyce has learnt being co-founder of Australian mobile-oriented jobs startup, Found, it’s that he is hopeless at predicting what millennials and Gen Z consumers are going to like in an advertisement. 

“My ability to predict what will work is approximately zero,” he tells CMO. “So it’s all about scientifically testing it. And as long as it’s relative to our broad brand effort, we could try anything.”  

Found has been labelled the ‘tinder for jobs’ and prides itself on taking a next-generation approach to workforce recruitment. The idea for Found came as Joyce and his co-founder, Peter Marchiori, were working on building another startup business called Rifirb, which sold refurbished iPhones. Faced with hiring 10 staff in three months and hitting $25 million in turnover in one year, the pair experienced great difficulty filling roles through the existing and traditional jobs and recruitment channels.  

The problem, the pair believed, was that everything was still PDF and CV-based, leaving potential employers with the challenge of sifting through digital files and limiting engagement between prospect and employer.  

“Our research also suggested the experience doesn’t get any better for big corporates,” Joyce says.  

In addition, given the fact most consumers are now performing the majority of tasks via a mobile device, the duo also saw the opportunity to drive recruitment through a mobile app-based experience.  

“The way we hire people traditionally has been to post an ad to create demand. But then committing to an opportunity requires a PDF, CV or filling in forms, and most of these don’t work or aren’t conducive to mobile interaction. The idea of people writing a CV over the phone doesn’t make sense,” Joyce says. “The entire youth market is shifting to mobile, and every company has to hire staff. No one else was coming close to crafting a response to that. We see the move to mobile as a bigger shift than going from offline to online.”  

Three years since inception, Found is now adding between 25,000 – 30,000 candidates to its platform a month, has chalked up 50 million ‘swipes’ – where candidates swipe right or left to accept or reject a job, respectively – and is now processing about 300,000 job applications per month. It’s also secured $2.5 million in fundraising to support its ambition.    

Here, Joyce shares the marketing strategy driving Found’s growth and engagement.  

Identifying segments  

As a dual-sided marketplace, Joyce notes there are very different markets and needs within the collective group.  

“Just in B2B, you have small business through to enterprise corporates, and those require very distinct strategies to target different segments,” he says. “Then dealing with small business is more like consumer, while as a consumer, mobile is very different. Business-to-enterprise (B2E) is different again.”    

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