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The Internet is divided on Ninja’s no girls allowed policy

Ninja’s controversial refusal to share the limelight with female streamers has the community divided on whether he’s being sexist or not.

Over the weekend Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins made a strange admission: he doesn’t stream with female gamers on purpose, because he wants to protect his wife from gossip and the suggestion that he’s having any kind of relationship with other players.

Blevins has certainly engaged in that sort of gossip himself, when other male streamers have had female guests, but some fans and female commentators have cast doubt on whether that’s the sole reason for this stance.

Many have called him sexist and complained that he’s denying female gamers a chance to make a name for themselves, while giving all the opportunities to men.

Opinions are divided though, and we reported yesterday on female streamer Dramakins, who said that she doesn’t stream with men for similar reasons to Blevins’ policy on women.



And yet others, such as popular Fortnite streamer curvyllama, have seemed entirely supportive of Belvins’ position.

Some have suggested that it’s not Blevins himself that’s the issue but his audience, and that having a woman on his stream would ruin his family-friendly image in the ensuing furore.

Or as popular streamer Laura Lux puts it: ‘if Ninja actually did stream with a girl it would be a disaster. This community is a toxic sexist shitshow and she would be labelled his side bitch, relentlessly harassed for being a home-wrecking slut and spammed’.

Whether or not that would’ve happened anyway it almost certainly would now, if Blevins changes his policies. There’s still no sign that he will though, especially after he issued a new statement clarifying, but not altering, his position.