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GROCERY GOSSIP: Jenn and Georgia in the kitchen

GROCERY GOSSIP: Jenn and Georgia in the kitchen
10 May

Nothing says Mother’s Day like moms and daughters in the kitchen.

One famous mom we all know and love is Jennifer Valentyne of Q107 fame (mornings with John Derringer and the gang) but she also has a popular show called @motherdaughterdate on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, where she blends and mixes and general creates some delicious chaos in the kitchen with her teen daughter, Georgia.

“Georgia and I have always enjoyed spending time together in the kitchen. Our creations may be far from perfect but we love to try new things,” says Valentyne of sessions that include everything from “making a simple pizza or a more elaborate turkey dinner — we delight in the experience of it all. ”

Not that they agree on everything: “Since Georgia has become a teenager we definitely disagree on a lot. — but never in the kitchen it seems. During those times it’s all about helping each other, sharing stories and laughing out loud.”

Their spots are fun and funny, both creating life lessons along with the various recipes they create.

– Catch their kitchen escapes @motherdaughterdate on Instagram, Facebook.


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